Why IT Support Had Been So Popular Till Now?

by Ethan More
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There are many reasons that IT Support remains popular among companies. Sometimes, the issues related to IT are more complex and may, therefore, require more expert attention than other non-technical areas. Sometimes, technological or product changes occur that requires transitioning from one support technology to another which will require a lot of support. IT Support has been historically seen as cheaper than hiring an external vendor for such needs and since it is technically oriented it doesn’t look good to hire an external vendor if there is no need for them in the first place.

Another reason IT support has remained popular is that despite having lagged behind other departments in leveraging technology, they are now catching up by implementing new tools and thereby becoming more efficient. Therefore, companies are beginning to see how effective it can be to have an internal staff support for their systems.

IT Support has become even more popular now because of the rising popularity of online live chat support. This form of consumer-centric support has become one of the most popular ways to provide users with an instant technical solution via online chat. This is extremely helpful for users who may have urgent issues that require immediate attention or for those who are intimidated by traditional phone or email based IT Support options.

A lot of companies are implementing this technology for their own IT Support needs. If IT departments are to be more effective in their response to tech issues, then they will have to consider providing an alternative tech support option that is more consumer friendly.

IT Support businesses have seen a huge surge in growth over the last few years due to increasing demand for tech support services from both individuals and businesses. It has become necessary to organize tech support departments perfectly so that responsiveness remains high and customers don’t face any inconvenience. Many companies are increasingly outsourcing their technical support functions like maintenance, upgrades, monitoring etc. to third party firms because it is not feasible for them to handle these functions internally.

There is also an increase in mobile application development and mobile app maintenance as mobile application development is on the rise. IT support businesses should be well equipped to fulfill the increasing need for IT Support services.


Some of the big businesses have a separate team of only 10 people who handle all their IT problems. But if they do not have a separate team for this purpose it becomes very hard for them to manage IT problems. So, it’s important for companies to have a separate team or department which can handle all their IT issues. So, whenever any issue arises, this team can reach out to the customer and fix the problem immediately. In this way, the company saves a lot of time and money as well as makes sure that there is no software failure or any other problem at customer end.

This team should also be flexible and always available to handle any issue. They can come up with different strategies to handle any problem.


With the growing trend towards outsourcing and third party sourcing for IT support, there has been a significant shift in the way companies respond to search queries regarding their products and services. With live chat getting more popular by the day, businesses will have to respond effectively or they will face stiff competition from online vendors which could potentially threaten customer retention and loyalty. This is especially true in the case of small businesses that may not have a dedicated IT department working for them 24/7.

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