Why does NELL on NCIS LA always wear tights?

by Komal Joshi
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Why does Nell on NCIS LA wear tights all the time?

Is it something she likes or is there a more practical reason behind her fashion choice? We took an in-depth look at this question and found out some interesting facts.

Tights are a type of close-fitting, leg garment similar to leggings. They differ from stockings by being form-fitting and usually shorter than most lengths of socks or hosiery (meaning they go up just below the knee). Tights range in color and pattern in order to coordinate with different outfits. There’s a good chance that Nell wears tights to keep her cool in the LA heat and match any pants or skirt she has on.

Nell’s decision could be influenced by many things, such as personal style preference, cultural identity (which may vary from person to person), practicality in high temperatures, fashion trends, or a combination of all these reasons.

Some people believe that Nell’s decision to wear tights is influenced by the fact that she was born in Texas and brought up on a ranch near Dallas, where it can reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. That may be true for some women who live there, but not necessarily everyone. Some say they put their children through college with the money they made off selling wool pants…but times are changing!

The word “tights” has been a part of our vocabulary since 1530 when it first surfaced as an alternative spelling of “tight-fitting trousers worn as underwear under breeches or hose” (Oxford English Dictionary). It has come back into common use due to the popularity of superhero characters like Batman who wear tights and other costumed heroes such as Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or Catwoman.

Tights are also worn by female athletes to prevent chafing when playing sports that require a lot of running. They can be used for warmth in cold weather – one size does not fit all! Some men might even try wearing them too if they were more comfortable and fashionable (though this is rare).

So why do you think Nell wears tights? One thing’s for sure: she will always have plenty of reasons to choose between her wardrobe staples – jeans vs leggings vs yoga pants…or maybe it’s time we stop being so constrictive about what’s appropriate and just let our heroine have her tights!

Nell On NCIS LA Always Wears Tights?

Why does Nell on NCIS LA always wear tights? They are one of the most versatile pants you can find in any woman’s wardrobe – they’re available for every season, occasion, or style. In addition to their usefulness as a “basics” item that is needed anytime we plan out an outfit, there are some other great reasons to love them:

Tights can also be found in different colors and designs for any occasion, from red tights with white polka dots for the holidays to leopard print or solid black tights. They’re made of cotton which is breathable but still provides warmth – perfect if you live in colder climates like Canada where my husband grew up! And they come in all shapes and sizes as well: full-length thigh highs, shorties that just cover your knees, fishnets, patterned tights (stripes!), etc..

Tights are also a very effective way to create shape in an outfit. For example, if you have a skirt that is too big and creates bulk around your thighs or waist (or worse – muffin-top!), tights will smooth out the problem area under the fabric while still being able to show off some skin because they reach just below the knee. They’re perfect for women who like transparencies but don’t want it on their entire leg! Or maybe wear them with a dress instead of pantyhose when it’s really humid outside so that you can keep cool without sweating through your clothes all day?

The first time I ever wore tights was at my US citizenship ceremony last year! I never thought about wearing them before then, but I was so glad that my mom had a pair in her purse for me to wear because it was raining and we were at the Lincoln Memorial.

This is an example of how tights can be used: they’re perfect for hot weather when you need something on your legs like stockings or pantyhose without creating any sweat (which isn’t good if you want to stay cool). And even better – this time last year I hadn’t yet realized just how much having tights could improve your look!

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