why can’t i hold all these limes?

by Komal Joshi
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This post is for anyone who needs help with their lime problem. I’ve lost count of how many limes have been wasted on my kitchen countertops over the past few months, and finally found a solution that may be useful to others facing the same dilemma. It’s not really about making your life easier as much as it is about saving your citrus from a bitter end.

The problem: the limes are rolling off the countertop and getting lost on my kitchen floor. They’re also being squished by pots, pans, or other cooking utensils that I have laying around while attempting to cook dinner.

What’s happening?

The answer is actually quite simple- just use a cutting board underneath the limes to prevent them from rolling off my countertop.

Why do this?

It’s not really about making your life easier as much as it is about saving your citrus from a bitter end. If you’re like me and have dozens of limes sitting on your kitchen counter, then I’m sure you’re either guilty of throwing them out before they go bad or you’ve lost a lime to the ground.

That’s not good for the environment. What’s worse is that it creates an even greater kitchen mess- but not if you have a cutting board underneath your limes to catch them before they roll off the counter and onto the floor.

What are some other reasons I should be doing this?

Aesthetics, in my opinion, is one of the best reasons for using a cutting board. The bright colors and the crisp limes are just so darn pretty on my countertop, especially when I have an assortment of other items sitting next to them- like my salt and pepper shakers or even my favorite salts for cooking with!

What about you? Do you use a cutting board for your limes?

Cutting boards are also great for other things, like potatoes. You take one cutting board and cut some of them up into slices or wedges to put on a salad while you slice others up into fries to eat with ketchup- it’s a win-win!

The texture of the board keeps you from damaging your knife, and it’s also a great way to keep track of what type of vegetable you’re cutting. I like to put my limes on one side while I cut up some potatoes or onions in another section, so when I need more limes for my recipe- I just pick them up and grab the other cutting board, too.

When it comes to my limes- I’m always looking for a way to help me do more in less time while I’m cooking. It’s the little things that help me be more efficient and creative in my kitchen, so I can make it a happy place to spend time!

I’ve found this is one of those tools that might sound like not much- but when you use it enough times, you’ll find out just how often you’re going back to grab it- and how much of a difference the simple addition made.

This is one of those kitchen gadgets that I always have nearby when I’m cooking, and now they come in so many different colors! They are easy to clean up too, just rinse them off with warm water before you put them in the dishwasher.

Limes are about $0.68 per lime- so I like to buy my limes when they’re on sale, and then freeze some of them for later! The juice is great for adding flavor to any drink or cooking recipe that needs a little zing with every bite.

It’s so frustrating when you’re cooking something and need to pull open your refrigerator door because everything is stacked on top of each other.

I’m not a fan of pre-cut fruit, in general – it’s just so wasteful and inefficient to throw away all those peels! This is why I love these lime wedges: they’re perfect for any dish that needs freshly squeezed lime juice.

I bet if you ask your grocer, they’ll be able to sell you a bag of whole limes that are easy to hold and store in the fridge!

The best thing about these is that they fit in my hand, and I rarely have to put them down when doing other things- which means less mess! This post will give you some great ideas for how to use limes while cooking or baking something delicious. If you’re looking for a tasty way to spice up your next meal, look no further than the humble lime.

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