The first and foremost is that a product or service must meet the needs and wants of a particular market. So if you’re selling a digital camera, it may not make sense to market to consumers using a mobile phone. As a business owner, you must be able to define your target market in order to identify the needs and wants they have.

If you are a service business, your target market will be people that need your services. If you are a product business, then you will be designing a product that is meant to be used by a target market.

The market has shifted from people needing an auto to people needing an iPhone. In marketing, this is called a “demographic.” Demographics can be very difficult to track because the way people talk, their buying habits, and so on can all change. Demographics are especially difficult to track because people often don’t talk about them.

Target market will be people who need your services. If you are a service business, then you will be providing a service that is meant to be used by a target market. The market has shifted from people needing an auto to people needing an iPhone. In marketing, this is called a persona.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are three levels of a persona. There is the personal level (which you should always include), the professional level, and the public level. The personal level includes your own name, the location of your company, and of course your profession. The professional level includes the names of your clients or partners, the company name, your name, and the location of the company.

Think of these three levels as being like the three different layers of an onion. The personal layer is the most accessible and is probably the one that you would think of when someone mentions a persona. The professional layer is where you can find more detailed information about your persona. Finally, the public layer is the most personal and least accessible.

The first layer of the onion is the most accessible. This is the layer that people will be most comfortable sharing with others and it’s the layer that is most easily found through most online directories. Think of this as the persona that shows up in online profiles. The second layer is the professional layer. People in this layer will share more specific and more detailed information about their personal situations. Think of this as a person’s public persona. The third layer is the most personal and the least accessible.

In the business world, marketers use marketing to generate new business and increase sales. In the online world, marketers use websites to generate traffic and increase sales. People use these two separate marketing techniques to get the best bang for their buck.

To be successful in marketing, you need to know your audience. That means you need to know what they want, what they need, and what they’re looking for. You also need to be able to target your audience with the right message. If you can identify these factors and tailor your message to the needs of your audience, you can start creating a bond with your customers.

The way to market is to create an effective marketing plan that lays out how to use the marketing techniques, and then how to use the techniques in their most effective way. It’s also important to understand your audience. If you aren’t able to understand them and know how to communicate with them, you may want to consider building up a team of marketing professionals with the skills you want.

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