This is a creative way to hold your truck bed rod while you are fishing. First, you attach your fishing rod to the rod holder. Then you drill a hole through the board about 6” deep and use a 3/4” dowel to hold the rod in place. You can also use a 2×4 or a 3×4. The only thing about this that I don’t like is that it’s not very sturdy and can be knocked off.

I have a truck bed rod holder that I use to hold my bow tackle. It is a little bit more sturdy than the one in the video, but it has to be drilled out since the dowel will fall off the top of the rod holder.

I also have my own truck bed rod holder, and I’m using it to hold my bow tackle. I use it for both bow tackle and a fishing rod. It is very sturdy and has a long shaft that goes above the front side of the board. It is also much more robust than the one in the video.

The video, above, shows what a good bow tackle looks like. A good fishing rod will have plenty of room to hook your line, and the rod holder will hold it.

I have been fishing with it for a few years now. It is also a really easy way to store your hook and gaff net.

This article is about the last few paragraphs. The video above is what the author was talking about. The rod holder is not a bad option. I would also, at the very least, be interested in the idea of the rod holder being more robust than just a nice board for storing tackle.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of the rod holder. I even own one. It’s one of the best toys I’ve ever seen, and I also own a rod holder like the one that the author is talking about. I’m sure if you tried to hook it with a hook you’d end up losing your fishing net.

The video itself is a good example of how easy it is to make an interesting DIY project. It doesn’t look that hard for someone who has a sense of scale. The guy who made it, Mark, is also known for making awesome projects like the awesome robot that he built for his son, so it wasn’t too hard for him to make a rod holder. If you don’t mind making the rod holder, you can easily make a better one yourself.

You can easily make a better rod holder yourself too. Using an old bicycle chain, you can get a pretty decent rod holder for about $10, or you can cut it up into a few smaller pieces and then use a large flathead screwdriver to attach all the parts together.

Of course, one of the most annoying things about making your own stuff is that you often have to buy all the parts you need (or at least, you used to). Because of this, some of the best projects are ones you can make on your own. For example, a homemade truck bed fishing rod holder is pretty cool. It’s made by hanging the rod vertically on the bed of your truck and using a few pieces of metal to hold it in place.

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