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I really hope that you enjoyed my interview with Chris. Please check out the other interview that I did with Chris for more interview details about his business.

Any time I feel proud to speak english, I always think back to those early days when english was taught in school. I can still taste the words that the teachers used that made me laugh and feel proud to be an English speaker. I can recall the day I actually learned to speak english. I was five years old, and the teacher was asking for something in spanish. I knew the words, but I didn’t know the accent, which is where the fun and challenge begins.

Now being an expat to the north of the border, I’ve always had a strong affinity for Spanish, and I guess I always have. I am very proud to say that my mother and father are still both fluent in spanish, which I miss dearly.

It’s not just English speakers that miss the presence of that language in their home. It’s also the case for people who are bilingual in the other language. People who speak different languages at home have a much easier time understanding each other and communicating with each other. So I guess it’s not so much that we’re missing the language, but that we’re missing the way of communicating in it.

I hope that by this point I have got you interested in learning a proper way of expressing yourself in your native tongue. So I am going to put a little spin on this Spanish vs English debate. The thing about Spanish is that it doesn’t use any of the English we know. Its only the ones in Spanish that use that many of those things. So you’d be better off learning English to write in or speak.

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