Sell Links on Your Website: Get Paid to Have Them!

by Vinay Kumar
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The post is going to talk about a monetization technique wherein you can Sell links on your website within an article.

Posts on your site with affiliate links will often rank higher in Google searches, and because you’re adding contextual value to those links those posts are more likely to convert as well. It’s not only a smart business decision but also one that will help build your traffic and reader base over time.

How to Make Money from This Technique

To start making money from this technique, first, you’re going to need a website. Your website should have a natural theme that doesn’t deviate from the main topic of your article–for example, if I had a site that talked about healthy eating, having a site dedicated to recipes would not be as effective as it might be for me to have a separate food blog. The next thing you need is your content–while you won’t have any links within the actual content of the article or post yet, you will have mentions where those links will go once it’s published. Remember, this type of post is more about the links than it is about the content. After you’ve written your article, you’re going to want to submit it to places like,, or another similar site that specializes in offering space for articles, guest posts, and more on the Internet. Most of these sites will allow you some flexibility in how much you can make off each article (including whether or not you’ll get paid per click), so if you’re just looking to get some traffic on your site then try submitting it for free, but if you’re looking for a consistent stream of revenue then consider paying to get published there. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ll be using as an example.

Once your article is approved on, it will take some time to actually publish it on their site–you’ll want to submit the article on your site first using either FeedWordPress, Blogger, or your preferred blogging platform so that you can fine-tune any links or descriptions you’d like before publishing, but one of the most important things to do with this type of post is to create a description and links for each link you’re going to post. We’ll be doing this in a couple of days, so keep your eyes on the post this week for a tutorial on creating these links. In the meantime, get your article approved, start writing it if you haven’t already done so, and make sure to give it a good description in the meantime.

When your article is live on, you’ll want to make sure that you create a new page for it with all of the links in place. You don’t want to link it anywhere yet because you’re going to try selling these links within the article itself before linking them externally. To do this, I recommend creating an account on (which is like Upwork, but exclusively for freelancers). Fiverr has a “sticky” section where you can post gigs in order to charge other people in order to perform services or give your own services away. When you have an article published on, pick a price point within that site’s pricing structure and set up a gig for it. This allows you to control the price of your links instead of relying on others to determine what they’re going to charge–if they want $20 for each link that’s fine, but if you just want $3 then you can say that that’s what it will cost them per link. This is especially helpful if you have Adsense on your site or if you’re running an eCommerce store. If your main goal is to get traffic on your site, then it’s best to not charge for links.

Here are some links that are relevant to this post that I’ve found useful when writing it:

I hope you found the links above interesting, and I look forward to seeing how well this monetization technique works for you!

How much money can I make by doing this? It’s hard to say, but it depends on how much traffic you have and what kind of an audience base you already have. I’ve made over $100 from just 2 links on one of my niche sites, and many people report making thousands of dollars from this technique. This post isn’t about how to get rich quick, though–it’s about how you can make money online and do it consistently while still using your favorite blogging platform.

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