Process of Getting Eyelash Extensions

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Lash extensions are getting hit in the market industry. They can increase your lashes’ density and help you get instant results. Also, getting lashes can make you more attractive and classy and simplify your task of getting thicker and longer lashes. You can customize your looks by changing the shape of the extensions. You can change your extension’s shapes anytime if you want to look too bold or get a soft look.

Generally, your lash can stay up to approximately 6-8 weeks. Still, include some helpful tips that might help to make your lash extensions last longer, including brushing your extensions, not sleeping by your stomach, applying lash moisturizer, etc. You can apply the best lash serum on your extensions if you want to grow your lashes naturally, and it can hydrate your lashes and prevent them from premature extension fallout. If you want to go for lash extensions, you must know about the procedure for getting them on your natural lashes. Keep reading this blog to learn more about applying extensions to your natural lashes. Before jumping into any section, you must know some tips to prepare you for an eyelash extension appointment.

How to Prepare Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Here are some tips you can follow before going to lash extensions. These tips might simplify your journey to getting extensions and make you feel less anxious before getting them.

Avoid Drinking Caffeine Before Four Hours of Getting Extensions

Most people start their day with a glass of coffee, which can make their day refreshing. Still, caffeine intake can make your lashes flutter, making it hard for your technicians to fix the extensions on natural lashes. Also, it can make your appointment for extensions less enjoyable. Besides this, consuming caffeine can keep you awake and create a barrier to relaxation while having extensions. If you want to grow your lashes naturally, you can add lash MD professional serum or conditioner, which might assist you to get healthy and stronger lashes. 

Keep Your Face & Eyelashes Clean Before Getting Extensions

Before getting any extension service, clean and neat eyelashes are the most important thing. The residue of oil-based makeup can weaken the adhesive bond, which may cause early extension fallout. Professionals can take taking much of time to clean your lashes. The less time spent cleaning your lash, the more time is spent applying for extensions.

Try Not to Use Oil-Based Products Around the Eye Area

Avoid oil-based products surrounding your eye area before going for an extension appointment. It may cause damage to the stickiness of the extensions of the solutions, which can be used to fix extensions on your natural eyelashes. Less adhesive bonds can be challenging to stay on the lashes.

The Procedure of Apply Lash Extensions

Here are the methods or procedures you must know if you are a first-time visitor for getting lash extensions. It can simplify you to portrait the step of getting your extensions. 


Before applying for the lash extension on your natural lashes, technicians must inform you of all the benefits or risks of getting eyelash extensions. Besides this, they must ask about any skin conditions or medical conditions which may have a harmful impact on getting lash extensions. If you are wearing contact lenses, they should ask about removing them.

Choose Extension Length and Curl Strength

Your lash artist should ask what kind of look you are up to. It might add to your extensions based on your look and what kind of length and curl are suitable for your look. Your lash artist can make you choose the size and length of the extensions. Make sure to choose longer lashes, outer corner extensions & shorter extensions of inner eyes. If you wish to have longer and thicker lashes like extensions, you can use the best lash serum on your lashes, giving you a faster and more effective way to grow your lash.

Cleaning the Eye Area

First, your lash artist lies down and makes sure you are in a comfortable position. Then they will gently clean your natural lashes and remove all kinds of oil-based makeup products, dirt, and germ from your lashes. It can be helpful to lash artists if you are arriving for an extension appointment without doing makeup. 

Apply for Extensions on Your Lashes

Lift the extensions with tweezers, dip them into the glue, and attach them to the natural lashes. If you want a thicker effect, your lash artist adds some extra extensions to your lashes. This application is not painful, but you might be anxious about the tweezers.

Drying the Lash Glue

Lash glue is used to attach the extensions to your natural lashes and can dry very quickly. Still, your lash artist can sit for around 10 minutes, and some lash artists can hold a hand fan on your lash extension to dry it fast. During dry lash, glue your eyes will close.

Removing Tapes and Gel

Once your lash glue is completely dried, your lash artist can remove the tapes and gel under your eyes, which are not painful. After removing your tapes and gel under your eyes, your lash artist brushes your extensions with the help of the spoolie.

Summing Up!

Lash extensions can be beneficial to save time and can change your looks instantly. You can try the lash MD professional if you want to grow your lashes naturally. You can visit the MD Factor website. Here, you can find skincare, hair care, and health supplements.   

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