I’m not the only one who can’t get enough of this lip scrub. So this summer I decided to share some of what I’ve learned on my blog with all of you. From pampering your face to avoiding the sun, this recipe is perfect to keep your lip lines in check.

One of the best ways to avoid sun damage and the drying effects of the sun is to use a lip scrub. Ive used a combination of coconut oil and lemon juice in my pampering routine. For a lip scrub, you will need a bowl and cotton balls, a spoon, a cotton pad, and a brush. Start by rubbing the cotton balls over your lips. Then add a small amount of coconut oil and some lemon juice.

Once you have a clean face, you can use your cotton pads to apply a layer of the lemon and coconut oil mixture. Then, you can spread it over your lips and gently pat it in.

I love the way pinterest allows me to design my own lip scrub. I recently put in some of my own images so that I can add a bit of creativity to my pampering routine. I’m going to be giving myself a fun challenge next week. I should have all these images back by tomorrow. For this challenge, I will be adding a picture of my lips to a new pinterest profile.

You’ll want to start with a cotton pad. Place a thin layer of the lemon and coconut oil on the pad and then gently pat it in. I think you’ll end up with a beautiful lip scrub. It’s a great idea to experiment with different kinds of oil. I used the coconut oil first because it was the easiest to blend in.

You can add some sugar too. I used a bit of coconut sugar.

You can mix any kinds of oil into the scrub. I used the coconut oil. It was a good idea to experiment with different oils. My lips are so incredibly soft that coconut oil is a great choice.

And the coconut sugar is perfect for this. It’s the perfect consistency. I usually add some honey to my scrub, but I never use it because I don’t like the sticky sensation it leaves on my lips. I added some to my scrub to see if it would stick better. It did. I love it.

The recipe for the scrub is really easy. You just need to mix the coconut oil and sugar. The coconut oil has a really nice consistency so that you do not get any gritty feeling on your teeth. And it dries out really fast so all you need to do is just smear it on your skin.

Its also a great idea to have a scrub to keep your lips moist. It’s like a moisture balm or a moisturizer, but you can keep your lips moisturized longer without it drying out.

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