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For years, our personal finance company was known as Pee-O-Lan. We were the most popular personal finance company in the state of Illinois. After years of being the “most popular”, we were losing the support of many. The support we had in the region was a little more important than the support we had in the state.

So we looked at the region and said, “Let’s get rid of the Pee-O-Lan.” We didn’t want to do anything to hurt people, but we also didn’t want to lose our current customer base. So we left Pee-O-Lan alone for a while.

Not long after we left, Pee-O-Lan started experiencing problems. People started to take notice of Pee-O-Lan and the problems it was having. People started to want to help Pee-O-Lan and the people that helped Pee-O-Lan. People started to visit Pee-O-Lan more often and more frequently. People started to ask for Pee-O-Lan to help them with their finances.

The problems Pee-O-Lan was having turned out to be due to the fact that the people who were helping Pee-O-Lan were stealing customer data. At the time, this was a very bad idea because Pee-O-Lan had a lot of customers. If you were a customer of Pee-O-Lan, you were probably going to go to Pee-O-Lan if something was wrong.

And so the solution to this problem was to have Pee-O-Lan do an audit of its own customer database. For those of you who don’t know, Pee-O-Lan’s customer database is one of the largest in the world. The problem was that the people who were helping Pee-O-Lan were not keeping good records.

So, Pee-O-Lan sent a team of people to a company that had a big chunk of the Pee-O-Lan’s customer database in its hands. These people found hundreds of people that Pee-O-Lan knew about, but had no idea how many customers Pee-O-Lan actually had.

The only problem was that their records were incomplete. After the Pee-O-Lan staff spent months of time working with the people that Pee-O-Lan had in its custody, they were able to get those records back to Pee-O-Lan. The result was that Pee-O-Lan had a much better customer database, and many new customers.

With this information in hand, Pee-O-Lan staff went to court with a lawsuit. This is the same company that has had a major lawsuit against an entire company that has spent years in bankruptcy court. The Pee-O-Lans team had to win the case that the bankruptcy court, and the judge, would be more sympathetic to their company’s woes.

Once the Pee-O-Lan team showed up to the court, they showed a lot of passion and determination. They showed that they were not going to let the bankruptcy court make their life miserable in order to take a piece of their company.

Pee-O-Lans isn’t a company, nor is it a person. It’s a company that has had major issues with creditors, and it’s a company that has spent a lot of time and money battling for its existence. It’s a company that has, and has had, been in bankruptcy court for years. So, not only is Pee-O-Lans a company, it’s also a person.

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