Our Best Value Massage Gun with Trigger Grip

by Vinay Kumar
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Lucky for you, we are about to share some valuable information with you on the Best value massage gun available. Whether you are into deep tissue or light relaxation massages, or anything else in between, this informative post will give you all the guidance needed to choose the right tool for your needs. Massage guns can be used at home or anywhere else so don’t worry about having to find a masseuse because now it’s as easy as clicking a button!

Now let’s get started with our top picks for each type of massage gun!

Deep Tissue Massage Guns

What can deep tissue massage therapy offer you? First and foremost, it allows you to reach those knots that only specialized bodywork has been able to release.

In addition, it can relieve stiff shoulders among many other issues. Just as our bodies are made up of numerous muscles and joints, so is our skin. These muscles and joints can be prone to stiffening as we age or even with injury or illness.

Deep tissue massage helps stimulate and relax these muscles and joints, therefore relieving muscle soreness and pain. The key to good deep tissue massage is knowledge and skill.

You need to pay close attention to the needs of your clients as well as your own body so you can effectively address those knots and refer to them as such. For example, if you are working on a client’s neck but they aren’t experiencing any pain, you can easily stop at that point to prevent further damage.


1) Foot massage: Foot massages refer to massages that involve kneading or rolling your client’s feet in small circles over the entire sole of their foot. This may feel like a simple massage for most people but it is actually very beneficial. The feet carry the weight of the entire body, and when they are in pain, this can lead to devastating effects elsewhere.

2) Hand massage: Hand massages include palm and finger work, and can be used for both relaxation and medical purposes. It only takes a very short amount of time for fingers and hands to develop tension in them, so it is necessary to keep them in good condition.

3) thigh massage: Thigh massages can provide relief from stress as well as muscle relaxation. The muscles on the back of the thighs are usually very tense so thigh massage is important if you want to release such tension.

4) Full body massage: This is the easiest of all massages, and should be used on all clients regardless of their other areas are sore. This can help them relax, especially if they are currently anxious or stressed out.

Useful Tips:

1) Hold trigger grip gun with one hand while keeping the other hands loose.

2) Be sure to use the same amount of pressure over the entire area being massaged – including both sides of the body part being treated.

Ideal for:

These guns are ideal for use by professional masseuses and people with medical conditions that require frequent deep tissue massage therapy. Light relaxation massage can also be provided by these tools.

Best Deep Tissue Massage Guns

1) Deep Tissue Massager by Hot Stone Therapy

This deep tissue massager is ideal for professional use on all types of clients. It has a trigger grip which makes the user’s hands-free to continue their work. It also has a pressure gauge so they can check the amount of pressure being applied to their client at any given time. The handle is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue during periods of prolonged use, and a finger rest can be used to relieve finger pressure.

2) The Original Muscle Buddy Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This original muscle buddy deep tissue massage gun has a long barrel length so it can reach all the muscles in your client’s body. Its finger grip design ensures the user’s hands are never tired as they work their magic. It also has an adjustable knob that allows you to choose from three different levels of speeds, for those who prefer gentle massages over more vigorous ones. Its trigger grip is easy to use and its handheld design makes it very portable as well as comfortable to hold.

3) The Muscle Buddy Deluxe Deep Tissue Massage Gun

The muscle buddy deluxe deep tissue massage gun has a three-speed dial and also has a prolonged barrel that allows you to reach the entire body. It is comfortable to hold and its design allows for good control and balance, while its rubber non-slip grip makes it easy to use. This muscle buddy gun also has an adjustable knob so the user can choose the three different speeds readily available.

4) The Professional Massager by Body Back Buddy

This professional massager by body back buddy is one of the most popular massage guns on the market due to its long barrel which can reach all parts of your client’s body with ease. Its three-speed dial allows the user to adjust the level of massage being provided. Its rubber grip ensures a secure hold and its trigger grip makes it a lot easier to use, which is vital because a lot of massages can be done without touching your client by using these tools.

5) Ultimate Massager by Apex Health Products

This ultimate massager from apex health products is an all-in-one massage gun that uses air pressure as well as pressure from your hands to give your client a relaxing massage. It has a soft grip that reduces the risk of hand injuries as you work, and it has three different levels of air pressure available for those who want more or less force used.

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