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Origami is a new marketing trend in the travel industry, which means it’s probably a new trend for you too. Origami is the art of folding sheets of paper into the shapes and forms of a specific object. In the case of origami, the object is usually a small fish or shell.

Origami may be new to you, but it’s actually been around for a long time. I’ve already mentioned that origami is very much a modern process. Back in the 1970s, people began using the technique to make origami animals, which is how we got origami birds. Even now, origami artists are still trying to make origami stars, which are cool, but probably not for someone who’s only interested in the shape of a star.

Origami is the art of printing with a paper or fabric folded over itself. In its simplest form origami can be done by hand. We learned about origami as part of the origami curriculum at school. Origami animals are created by folding a piece of paper over a sheet of fabric. Origami birds are created by folding a piece of paper over a piece of paper. You also see people doing it on the computer.

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