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I always thought the Hitex website was one of the most irritating and offensive things I have ever seen. I hate to say they were the ones who were insulting me, I could just picture them standing at a counter with a pair of scissors and saying, “Hey, I’m not gonna touch that,” and then laughing at me. They were really, really cruel, and it was really annoying.

Hitex is in fact the site that brought me down in the first place. It had some really nice ideas and really cool products, and I just think their tone was so condescending that I thought I’d be the only person who’d have to deal with that. I’m really glad I was wrong, because Hitex have now taken me back to my old self.

I was a big fan of Hitex when I was in high school. I remember them as a very good looking, but a little aloof and a little aloof. They were always a little bit ahead of their time. Hitex was still going strong in the late 90s, and they were one of the few sites that showed any sign of growth.

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