We were excited to get the new “diy volleyball pole” as a gift this year from a friend. Instead of using the new plastic version, we opted to get the “original” version with the metal ball. The metal ball was a plus because it was less likely to crack or break, but for the price we pay for something so easy to make, it was worth the extra cost. The only downside of the new version is the shape of the ball.

We love this new version of the diy volleyball pole because it was designed by a former member of the U.S. Army’s SignALS team, who had the idea of a giant metal ball made out of steel. Since we’re talking about making something from metal, I have to assume the ball was made to be more durable, and the shape is just too weird for us to want to go back out there with a broken ball.

The diy volleyball pole is a good example of something that we can make from a simple idea. We were talking about a very simple idea, but the idea was so simple, it just took us a few hours to make it. We found that our time wasn’t wasted and we didn’t have to worry about the ball breaking unless it was just a question of time.

We made a ball with a single piece of metal (a steel ball) and then we welded our shape into it. We then glued it in place and drilled a hole for a screw to fit, making a sturdy pole.

It was a great idea and easy enough to make. In the end though, it might not have made the best piece of equipment, because we couldve made the same thing with a longer piece of metal. It might’ve been a better idea to have made the ball from a metal tube instead of a round steel ball.

It is a good idea, but if you’re going to make a ball and then weld in a shape that makes the ball more sturdy, make sure that your welding technique is very precise and accurate and the ball isn’t going to deform easily. Also make sure you are very careful when drilling the hole in the ball.

It seems that the design of the volleyball pole did not come out well, because the metal in the ball is bent very easily, making it difficult to hold. As a result, the ball is very hard to hold steady, even with our bare hands. I don’t know how this is going to work out for us, but either way, I am glad that we didn’t make the ball by welding a metal tube.

In an interview with our friend Mike in the comments section, Mike says that this is because he has been using a similar type of a device he has at home for several years, and that the cost is very high to operate.

Thats a little vague, but it does look like it’s more of an exercise in futility then a functional product. I’m glad we didnt make it by welding a metal tube, because it would have just been a waste of money.

As I said, using an exercise in futility is the least of it’s problems. Its also a very poor use of our precious time, because it would be better spent at work.

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