I’ve been wearing diy glasses since I was a child and I’m always looking for ways to up my fashion game. I’ve worn my glasses to the doctor’s office, to the grocery store, and to the pool. I’ve found ways to wear them that make them look like they are really cool and I’ve even made my own strap.

Ive worn a very similar strap to my glasses before, using the same design by the awesome dude on the blog of the same name. It was a bit of a pain in the ass because my glasses are very small, and the design is a bit complicated. So I decided to make my own thing and it turned out pretty well. You can get a great tutorial on how to make a strap from the blog’s post here.

My glasses have a strap that comes off and fits under my glasses and then clips to my shirt. Ive found that by using this strap, that I can wear glasses that would normally not look quite right for me. The strap also allows me to wear glasses that I can wear straight out of the box, and it makes them look quite cool. Ive even made a tutorial on how to make a strap from the blog here.

You can get your glasses to look just as cool as they do with a strap. I’ve used this strap to make my glasses look a little more stylish than they normally would without it. The straps are easy to make so if you have the strap laying around, you can use it to make your glasses look way cool.

The blog also has more detailed instructions, so feel free to give it a browse. This is a quick and easy step by step tutorial you can use to make your own straps.

You can get any lens you like for your glasses right here. Ive made my lenses from a pair of cheap prescription sunglasses. They dont have the exact fit of my regular glasses, so I just use the same lens on both. Ive also bought a pair of lenses (a pair of glasses) from a friend. They look a little different from the ones Ive normally used, but they are way cheaper and they look just like your regular glasses.

Ive made my own straps too.

If you don’t already have a link of your own, you can buy a link of someone else’s for $1. If you get one for less than $1, it’s almost like you bought a link for free. The easiest way to buy a link is by clicking here. You can get your own link here if you’re not satisfied with the one you have. I’ve made my own straps, so I can share mine. They’re pretty cheap.

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