This is a great DIY bathtub idea. I don’t know if you have seen the one where you make an 8-inch opening in the lid of a glass jar and pour in the water. The water will flow through the jar and through the opening on the lid itself. If you don’t have glass jars, you can use a plastic container. Pour in some water and let it sit in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

This could be a great idea for anyone who has trouble seeing the inside of their bathtub. With a tiny hole in the lid of a glass jar, you can pour in water, fill the bathtub, and all you have to worry about is letting the water flow out of the tub. The water will be able to escape the bathtub with ease and be visible to anyone who might be looking out while you rinse off.

Another great use is for those who just want a nice, smooth, and easy way to add water to their bath. You could also use a plastic tub, a bowl, or a spray bottle to fill your bathtub. You could also use a funnel to pour in the water, but this would get messy once you start using it.

In addition to the above use for the bathtub, there are other DIY projects that you can do with the water. For example, you could use a shower head or shower curtain, or you could use the water hose to fill your tub.

You could use a shower head to get the water from the shower into the tub, or you could make a shower curtain to cover the shower curtain.

All of these ideas are helpful, as long as they are done properly. If your shower curtain is too flimsy, you could break it. If you want to make a shower curtain, you could use a shower curtain rod and hose or a shower curtain strip, or you could cut off some of the shower curtain to use as a strip.

I always liked the shower curtain idea, but I think the shower curtain idea might be the most useful. The shower curtain is used for the same reasons that curtain is used as a privacy screen for the shower: to keep water out of your bathroom. And the shower curtain is a privacy screen to help keep out rain (as well as other things) from dripping into a bathtub. The curtain can also be used as a barrier to keep out splatters and other messes.

I like that you can easily add water to a shower curtain to help wash away the soap residue. And I like that you can quickly cut off a length of a curtain so you can use it as a strip and it will dry quickly. The only thing I don’t like is you can’t cut the curtain so easily it will come apart.

The curtain is an easy way to cut the water out of your shower to wash away the residue, but to cut off the curtain you will have to cut it into two pieces. That is if you want it to dry quickly. I would suggest cutting it along the top of the curtain to have a barrier that will keep out rain from dripping into a bathroom. The length of the curtain is also up to you, so you could cut it off in various lengths.

I also like your idea of having a water resistant curtain. I was thinking that this type of material would be good enough to cover the tub/shower where you might want to keep a person while you bath.

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