I wanted to do a mini-series of costumes that use a variety of materials and fabrics to show how material choices can really create a more personal style and create a unique, individual look.

So I decided to go for cinderella diy (as in Cinderella Dressed in Diy) and use some of my favorite fabrics. I used a fabric like a cotton and a linen from a thrift store, and I used a material from an old sewing machine. It’s kind of like a fun way to dress up your duds like you’re actually wearing the material.

I actually want to do more of a fairy tale series for Halloween, but I think this is a great example of how materials can really change the final outcome. It’s so fun to design all these different costumes and to think of these different materials and all of the different combinations that you can really dream up. Like a different material or fabric for one outfit, or a different print or pattern for another.

In terms of the original concept alone, the costumes aren’t that bad. They’re like an action movie with lots of chases and fights and stunts and cool little moments. But I think the most fun thing is to take that and apply it to a regular, everyday costume. Take a pair of jeans, for example.

A pair of jeans is just a pair of jeans. Theyre easy to find in any department store, theyre just an ordinary pair of jeans that you can find anywhere. And yes, you can find jeans that are all different fabrics and print designs. But theyre also cheap, and you can find them at any mall, and you can also buy a pair of jeans online.

That makes them something that can be worn with any outfit. A pair of jeans is the perfect “diy” outfit for a cinderella, and for my money the best way to wear jeans is in a corset because of how it looks.

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