back to the future doctor who,

by Radhe Gupta
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The Doctor has been traveling the universe for a long time, and he’s seen some amazing things. He’s fought Daleks and Cybermen, saved planets from destruction countless times, and even met his own granddaughter! In this article we will share with you our favorite fun facts about your favorite time lord. The Doctor has two hearts. This is a result of the Time Lords giving him back his 12th and 13th regenerations to save his life in The War Games episode. His blood type is unknown because he’s had so many different bodies, but one theory says that it would be human due to having both human parents as well as Gallifreyan DNA from the Time Lords. All Doctors have worn bowties at some point during their lives – even if they only wore them for a few minutes or used them primarily with another outfit like fezzes! One thing we love about our favorite time lord (besides all the amazing things that he does) is how much wisdom he carries around inside himself, despite being

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