baby will you come my way,

by Radhe Gupta
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Babies are wonderful. They’re cute, they smell good and they don’t talk back. For some people, that’s all it takes to make a baby their favorite thing in the world! But what if you have seen your fair share of babies and need something new to love? In this blog post, we will explore how to find your perfect pet – from puppies and kittens to hamsters and hedgehogs – so you can have an animal lover’s paradise!

The main question on your mind will obviously be: can I have a pet in my apartment?

The answer is yes! Provided you pick the right animal, and that they’re well-suited for living indoors. Pets such as fish, lizards, spiders or reptiles may not be ideal due to their need of an environment with high levels of humidity which is difficult to provide inside apartments. Dogs are also very active creatures so if space is limited in your home – get them one instead! But maybe what you really want isn’t a cute little pup or kitten like those found at most rescues. You might find yourself interested in adopting an exotic pet (e.g., sugar gliders). Some people go through great lengths to

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