baby max costume where the wild things are,

by Radhe Gupta
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“I want my costume to be like the movie!

” Max’s mom said. “What movie?” Max asked, confused. His mom replied, “The one that I watched this morning called ‘Where The Wild Things Are.'” “What’s that?” Max asked. His mom replied, “It’s a book and movie about these wild things.” Max decided to make his costume different than the other kids in his class by making it into more of an outfit then just a mask with clothes like most people choose for their costumes this year. He wanted to be recognizable as the main character from Where The Wild Things Are. So today he will be going around town looking at what items he can use to create his very first cosplay or costume play! First thing’s first: hair. Max searched through all of the Halloween wigs until finally finding one that looked similar enough t-o ‘s crazy curls – you know, those ones everyone has been

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