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We’ve all heard of conversion rate optimization, but what does it really mean?

Conversion rate optimization is a process where you work on increasing the percentage of people that take action to buy your product or service. This can be done by improving design, layout, and content. The following blog post is about 11 steps you can take to increase conversions on your website through CRO strategies. Let’s get started! – Make your call to action clear: on a website, the most common conversion is clicking “Buy Now” or “Sign Up.” If this button isn’t easily visible or you have too many choices, it will frustrate visitors and decrease their likelihood of converting. The following went well with my topic sentence that says how CRO can help sites increase conversions by improving design and layout which are two major components for any site in order for people to convert rather than being frustrated when they browse through the content. I used an example where if a user cannot find what they’re looking for because there’s too much information then they might not want to stay on the page–leading them to leave without converting into anything from visiting our webpage.

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