babies are born without these,

by Radhe Gupta
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The human body is an amazing thing. So many things we take for granted in our day-to-day lives are actually miracles of evolution and biology.

One of the most fascinating examples is that babies are born without these, but they grow them over time: Teeth – Babies have 28 baby teeth that start to come in from around 6 months old. They lose their milk teeth before adult teeth come in at about 10 years old. Ears – There are 3 parts to your ear: the outer, middle and inner ear (don’t worry if you didn’t know this). The outer part has a cartilage frame called the pinna which helps us hear better by focusing sound waves into it. Nose – Babies do not have a nose, but their nostrils are open. It is only in the first year of life that they develop bone tissue to grow into cartilage and form the nasal septum which separates each side of your nose. Mouth – Again, babies come with teeth! If you see little white bumps on baby’s gums this is where their milk teeth will start coming through at around six months old. Tongue – The tongue has many different jobs including helping us taste things and move food around our mouths when we talk or swallow it down. They also use it to protect themselves by putting anything unpleasant (like dirt) into it before swallowing it back down again!

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