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by Radhe Gupta
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In the past few decades, many people have been lost to history.

We know their names and see pictures of them, but we don’t really know what happened after they disappeared from the public eye. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about some celebrities that we all grew up with and find out what they are doing now so that you can make a better guess at when you might be done with your fame! – -[[Kendra Wilkinson]] was one of the original cast members on reality TV show, The Girls Next Door. In 2008 she branched out into fashion and design with her own line called Kendra by Katherine. She also launched a website for the brand, which sells lingerie as well as casual clothing. As far as I know, she’s still acting in movies like Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition. – [[Jennifer Lopez]] is one of the most popular singers ever! Her career has spanned over 25 years from starring on Selena to American Idol judge and coach. Nowadays you can see her touring around Europe or performing at awards shows in America where she will receive standing ovations

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