axs where are my tickets,

by Radhe Gupta
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I’m a huge fan of music festivals, but I’ve never been to one in the US.

The lineup for Coachella this year is just too good to pass up. I decide to buy my tickets and wait eagerly for them to arrive in the mail. When they don’t show up after four days, I start getting worried and call axs customer service line (800-929-2787). They tell me that my package has been delayed by customs and will be delivered soon so I hang up feeling reassured. A week later when my order still hasn’t arrived, I call again only to find out that there’s no record of it being sent at all! What do you mean? I ask. I don’t know, they say. I’m sorry for your inconvenience but we’re only responsible for uploading the order to UPS and nothing after that point. You’ll need to contact them directly about it (800-254-0274) as this is outside of our control. This is so frustrating! Now my tickets are going to be sold out before I can get mine in time and all axs will do is give me a refund which won’t even cover half the cost of what I paid originally! They better have customer service ready when things go wrong because their guarantee isn’t worth anything if no one’s there 24/hours a day and they tell you “sorry” doesn’t cut it anymore or else people would

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