aviators no one will save you,

by Radhe Gupta
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Since their formation in 2009, The Aviators have been delighting audiences with their own unique blend of roots and rock music. With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Wilco, it’s no wonder why the band has developed a loyal following over the years. In “No One Will Save You,” the most recent release by The Aviators, we are reminded that life can be both beautiful and heartbreaking at times. It is an album filled with stories about love found and lost, as well as some of life’s darker moments.

This record is about embracing the darker parts of our lives, and realizing that it’s okay to not have everything figured out.

The Aviators are on a tour supporting this new album with dates all throughout North America. Check them out live in your city! Some common themes include: finding strength through adversity, overcoming personal hardships, and celebrating life despite its moments of sadness. As always, these songs are anthemic and catchy enough for listeners to sing along without being too heavy handed or deep rooted for others who might find those lyrics difficult to relate to at times. The band has never shied away from telling their story–there’s no shame in admitting when you don’t know what you’re doing because there will be

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