avast says my ip address is visible,

by Radhe Gupta
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Online privacy is an important topic for many people these days.

You may not know that your IP address can be visible in public, and this is a huge risk to your online security. In this article, we will talk about how you can protect yourself with Avast Security features. Avast says my ip address is visible? Using the Security Features of Avast: Avast’s free antivirus product has a number of security features that can help you protect your privacy. Here are some tips: -Enable the “protection against tracking” feature to prevent websites and advertisers from following you around as you browse. It will also block any scripts trying to track your IP address, browser type, etc., so be sure to turn on this option for peace of mind while browsing online! -Use the “Secure DNS” service by Avast EZShield (you’ll need an internet connection) which automatically blocks malicious domains and helps keep your computer safe when downloading files or surfing unknown sites. -Get alerts about malware with automatic email notifications whenever there is suspicious activity detected in your PC.

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