av service is not responding,

by Radhe Gupta
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Trouble with the av service is not responding, The problem can be due to a number of causes.

The most common are: You have no signal or you’re using an old-fashioned analogue cable instead of digital cable. Your equipment is faulty and needs replacing or your aerial cables are loose. The good news is that you can usually solve the fault yourself, with a little knowledge and effort. Inspect your cables: Make sure they are securely plugged into both TV set and aerial socket. If not, plug in again firmly. Check for obvious damage to cable such as cuts or burns from cigarettes; replace them if necessary. Take care when unplugging cables so you don’t pull out plugs by accident-careless handling may have caused the original problem! Re-position your TV’s aerial connection point (it often looks like an old fashioned chimney) close to where you want it earthed – this will improve signal strength,’s known as “pointing” the aerial’. When pointing do take care not to touch

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