auditory illusions hearing lyrics where there are none,

by Radhe Gupta
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As a musician, I have to be very careful with my ears.

Too much exposure to loud music can cause hearing damage and make it harder for me to hear when others are talking. As such, I tend not to listen to music loudly without ear plugs or headphones on. This is the reason why an auditory illusion like “the Shepard tone” always surprises me–I didn’t realize that other people were susceptible! – The Shepard tone is an auditory illusion where you hear a repetitive pattern that keeps getting higher in pitch. At first, it sounds like “doo doo doo” up and down the scale, but then it becomes more high pitched as time goes on–like birds singing. – It’s named after American composer Alan Hovhaness (1911 – 200) who used this style of music to create feelings of awe or wonderment about nature. I was quite surprised when I found out how many people are susceptible to hearing these patterns! As someone with sensitive ears I might have been able to tolerate listening for less amount of time than others; however, there are some other ways we can still enjoy these types

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