audience centeredness means that public speaker should,

by Radhe Gupta
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Audience centeredness is a term that gets used in public speaking and presenting.

What does it mean to you? It means that the speaker should, as much as possible, try to tailor their presentation for the needs of their audience. This includes what they say on stage – or even just how they say it! The first step in this process is research. As with any good presentation there’s always some prep work involved. Determine who will be attending your event, find out about them online if necessary (Google search), read books and articles written by people similar to those who will attend and take notes on anything you think might interest them during your talk. You’ll want to use these insights when creating bullet points for your slideshows. The next step is to engage with others and get feedback on your talk before you deliver it in front of a live audience. You can do this by discussing the presentation (ideally one-on-one) or presenting it verbally while video recording yourself for review later, but nothing beats actually delivering the material. Practice makes perfect! Use what you learn from these sessions when conducting research – again, Google searches will help here as well as seeking out experts who are knowledgeable about your topic area at conferences and events that have been announced online in advance so you know where they will be speaking ahead of time and plan accordingly if possible. This process also includes being mindful not only of what words best convey your message but how those words sound

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