atv bogs down when applying throttle,

by Radhe Gupta
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This is a blog post about Honda Foreman ATV 5×5.

The throttle of this machine bogs down when applying the throttle, making it difficult to go over any significant incline or accelerate quickly. We will discuss how this issue can be fixed and what causes it in the first place. The first thing to check is the throttle cable, which runs from a lever on the handlebars to open and close an air valve inside the carburetor. The slack in this line can cause you not be able to get enough movement of your hand with just one wrist motion. Adjust it by loosening or tightening both bolts that hold it onto its bar bracket (one on top, one underneath). Next inspect for any dirt clogging up the channel where gas goes through into the engine; if there’s no problem here then try removing some fuel lines at different points before pulling out plugs and inspecting jets—most often they are blocked by dirt deposits. If none of these steps have solved your problem, take off carburetor completely and clean

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