11 reason to study korean

by Komal Joshi
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Korean is a fascinating language with many unique features.

It’s one of the most popular languages in the world, with over 20 million speakers.

Korean culture is rich and diverse.

There are many benefits to learning an Asian language such as improved mental agility, which may help reduce your risk for dementia later in life.

Korean can be used in various career fields from entertainment to education to business.

List of reasons for studying:

  1. – Korean culture is rich and diverse, with many unique features that are fascinating for outsiders.
  2. – Learning an Asian language such as Korean can be beneficial in various fields from entertainment to education or business.
  3. – Korean is the most popular language in the world with over 20 million speakers, and it’s a fun challenge to learn!

List of reasons against studying:

  1. – Learning an Asian language such as Korean can be difficult at first because there are so many different characters that you will need to memorize.
  2. – It takes about two years to become fluent in a foreign language.
  3. – There aren’t any resources or classes specifically tailored for adults who want to study Korean online yet (although we’re working on changing this).

You can also use a Korean app to start learning and practicing, which is advantageous because it helps your brain continue making new connections as you memorize words.

One of the most popular websites for studying Korean online is Quizlet where users have access to different flashcards that help them learn vocabulary in addition to other resources. They are available in both English and Korean so native speakers won’t get lost either!

Reason number 1:

It takes time before being able to understand the nuances of this fascinating culture.

Reason number 2:

Many online resources are tailored specifically towards adults who want to study on their own or with friends (hanging out).

Reason number 3:

Studying with an app may be the best way for you to learn.

Reason number 4:

The Korean alphabet Hangul makes it easier than English when learning how to read!

Reason number 5:

It’s not just about verbs anymore as there are many ways you can express yourself without ever having used one. Studying this language will open up endless possibilities!

Reason number 6:

Learning any new language gives people more life experience because they’re put into situations where they have to think outside of the box.

Reason number 7:

It’s great for self-development and can help you be a more open-minded person!

Reason number 8:

If you ever find yourself traveling to Korea, knowing Korean will make it easier to understand what people are talking about in their environment.

Reason Number 9:

Studying this language helps people better appreciate all cultures as they learn how different languages describe things differently than an English speaker would have done with the same word or phrase. For example, French has many words that come from Latin which is why there is a large variety of art-related vocabulary in the language while Japanese does not contain any Roman influence so instead mostly uses Chinese characters for writing (hiragana/katakana).

Reason Number 10:

Learning this language builds discipline. Studying how to say more than one word at once helps your brain develop new neural pathways which can help in other aspects of life. As a bonus, it’s easier to memorize phrases if they come off a single line instead of breaking them up with spaces or periods as English does. Otherwise, you’ll need to space out each syllable just right so that there aren’t any awkward pauses between sounds (like “lah” vs “la”).

Reason Number 11 :

One day, it may be useful if you ever need to go into business overseas (or if your spouse does). Companies from Korea rank among some of the largest businesses in Asia due to their close ties with China and Japan – so should something happen there, knowing this language will give you an edge. The same goes for anyone considering starting up their own international corporation. And who knows


Korean is a fun and worthwhile language to learn, but it’s important to know that it will take time before you can understand the nuances of this fascinating culture.


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